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Woman Who Tried to Mail Puppy Wants Her Dog Back


Stacey Champion, the 39-year-old Minnesota woman with the no good, very bad idea of mailing a live puppy in an airtight box without holes (or water, or food) to Georgia would like her dog back, please. This is horrifying people everywhere, almost as much as the fact that the woman tried to mail a dog in a box. Stacey Champion is the new cat-in-a-rubbish-bin Bosnian puppy-thrower. Internet, unleash your rage!

Via the Star Tribune,

“I’m just appalled,” said Mitzi Carroll, who learned about the puppy’s plight from a TV broadcast in Georgia, where she lives. “And now she wants it back? Really? I have a strong problem with that. How do you put a puppy in a box and try to mail it? That’s just animal cruelty.”

The 4-month-old poodle-Schnauzer that Champion tried to mail, Guess, was fortunately discovered in his box before meeting what would have been an awful demise. On Monday Champion will plead for the dog’s return. If Americans have anything to say about it, that will not happen!

“I would like to be at that hearing. I really would,” said Sally Shortridge, who is outraged over the idea that an adult woman who put a puppy in the mail might regain custody.

“I have nieces and nephews at 12 and 14 who would know much better,” she said. “She shouldn’t get that poor little puppy back.”

Here is an actual picture of little Guess. Consider heartstrings pulled.

Doggone it, woman who tried to mail puppy wants him back [Star Tribune]


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