Video of Charlie Sheen’s Bender Released


TMZ has gotten their hands on video of Charlie Sheen during the epic coke-fueled bender that landed him in rehab again recently. It’s incredibly creepy, and kind of sad? There’s a lot of Charlie Sheen yelling “Ohhh!” and throwing his arms around, and girls in tight shiny outfits with smiles plastered onto their faces, which are presumably constructed out of polyurethane. And people are laughing obsequiously. And everything seems just really sweaty, and decadent, and let’s keep in mind while watching that Sheen is a 45-year-old father.

On the plus side, Sheen’s apparently been texting his “porn family” to tell them “Please lose the number, we are closed … please drive through … thank you.”

(Normally I’d embed the video, but I can’t because I lack the basic technical capabilities to take videos from TMZ’s website. So, deal.)

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