NASA Takes Images of Sun’s Backside


For the first time, NASA has been able to image the entire sun from top to bottom, front to back. This is so that we can keep track of “coronal mass ejections” (eruptions of hot deadly sun-stuff) that could be aimed right at Earth. Resisting the urge to make a lot of butt jokes right now.

This is what the sun looks like:

I didn’t know the sun was blue, did you?

Pretty sure this is a picture of the sun’s behind (hahaha!):

Basically, NASA has two satellites circling the sun, taking pictures of it. The “coronal mass ejections,” while they can’t actually reach earth, can fry communications satellites and expose astronauts to radiation overdoses. Of course, they can’t actually stop the ejections from happening, but with the new imaging they can tell when and where they’re happening (not anytime soon, don’t fret).

In conclusion, #futureshit, #scienceisawesome, #nerdstuff.

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