Is the Hell’s Kitchen “Pyramid” the Craziest New Building in NYC?


New York has no shortage of architects outdoing each other in ugly, ostentatious, or just weird. Remember the guy who wanted to make empty lots look like icebergs? As such, Bjarke Ingels’ building planned for West 57th Street shouldn’t really surprise us, but it does. Curbed reports on the new renderings now available on Ingels’ website while New York magazine discusses the reinvention of the New York City apartment building in light of Ingels’ pyramid-with-a-hole-in-it (or, “gracefully asymmetrical peak with a landscaped bower in its hollowed core”) structure.

Imagined as a combination of “a European-style, low-rise apartment block encircling a courtyard, and a Manhattan tower-on-a-podium,” this building is…something. It’s original, for sure. But is it great, or awful? Would you live in it? And if you did, could you take coming home seriously?

Some of it does sound good:

The building’s shape helps create and preserve some excellent views while pulling back from the noisy West Side Highway and nearby sanitation garage. Oh, and isolated neighbors (lookin’ at you, Riverside South) take note: The renderings also show an Amish Market in one of the retail spaces.

Interestingly, one-fifth of the apartments will be set aside as affordable housing.

Well, it’s better than the new Bowery Hotel, we guess.

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