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Nancy Reagan’s Secret Service Agent Shot Himself In The Hip


One of Nancy Reagan’s Secret Servicemen was hospitalized Friday after accidentally shooting himself in the hip. The AP reports that the agent, whose name was not released (because it’s a secret, duh), was holstering his firearm at a gun range in Camarillo, California when it went off

The former first lady was not near the incident, probably because she doesn’t spend a lot of time at gun ranges. The injuries are not life-threatening, and this reminds us of a similar Secret Service snafu.

In 2007, two Secret Servicemen were injured when one of their firearms accidentally went off in front of the Southwest gate of the White House. One agent suffered a bullet wound to his leg while the other was hit with shrapnel in his face. Neither injury was life-threatening.

Secret Service agents are trained to take a bullet, so they can just chalk this up to practice.

Agent who protects Nancy Reagan shoots self in hip [AP]

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