Pizza Duly Conquered, Jeff Orlick Tackles Chinese at Flushing Mall


Foodies can be competitive — even, let’s face it, outright jerks. One of the most proudly worn badges of honor among such eaters in this city is knowing one’s way around the Flushing Mall Food Court. And so, if the subterranean gallery of edibles intimidates you, you might find yourself feeling ashamed to admit it. Especially if (heaven forbid) you’ve never been. Well, now is your chance to remedy the situation with a guide who promises to be gentle as you discover the ways and wonders of Flushing Mall together.

Jeff Orlick of the 5-Boro Pizza Tour invites you to join him for “The Flushing Mall Grazing Experience” on Saturday, February 19, at the Flushing Mall Food Court. The idea is similar to a potluck, he says, but instead of bringing food, you’re required to bring $10 to spend. Then, simply take your purchases over to the common grazing area and enjoy. As a bonus attraction, Orlick will set up a Chili Sauce Tasting Table that you can make your way through for $5. You’ll never be afraid of eating in Queens again.


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