New York

Puppy-Mailing Woman Will Not Get Her Dog Back


Justice! Closing out the sad and disturbing case of the woman who tried to mail a puppy from Minnesota to Georgia with no airholes, that woman, Stacey Champion, has been denied by a judge the right to her puppy back after appearing in court today. Thank goodness. In other news, Champion told the postal service clerk mailing the box that it contained a toy robot, but denied to the judge that she lied because she knew mailing a dog was wrong.

Champion, who seemed genuinely befuddled not to have her dog returned, told the judge she’s “only human,” that she did her best, and that she’s hurt that she won’t get her “pooch” back. She added that if there weren’t mistakes in life, society wouldn’t be what it is right now, which is pretty darn accurate. She’ll face animal cruelty charges, and Guess, the puppy, will get a new home selected by the city.

Via the City Paper, Champion’s money quote: “‘Can I get my box?’ she asked as she got up to leave.” That was a no as well.


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