Snowpocalypse Means More Sexy Time for America!


Here you go, New Yorkers depressed over this season’s interminable blizzards and “wintry mix”: You’re in good company. 76 percent of Northeasterners consider winter a downer, and 4 in 10 Americans say weather affects their mood. But there’s an unsuspected upside: Bad weather actually means more sex…for some of us. According to an AP-Weather Underground poll, 15 percent of Americans “cooped up by the weather” reported having more sex than usual.

(Two-thirds of Americans did not experience this phenomenon, and a sad 15 percent reported the opposite, less sex than ever. Let’s get it together, folks!)

In addition, 8 percent of Americans said winter weather made them feel “sexy” for some reason, and 29 percent of people, working the “find a warm body and stick with it” strategy, actually started dating in the winter, as opposed to the more freewheeling other seasons.

Make the most of February, everyone. By March we’ll surely be into something new.