Steven Seagal Instructs Man On Face-Kicking; Man Kicks Face


Mixed martial arts fighter Anderson Silva won UFC 126 Saturday night by kicking his opponent, Vitor Belfort, in the face. We’re not Ultimate Fighting fans, but like home runs and slam dunks, face kicks are thrilling for even the most casual observer. What puts this one over the top, however, is that movie star and lawman Steven Seagal taught Anderson Silva the finer points of kicking another human being in the face.

Yahoo! Sports has the heartwarming story of how the Above the Law star took time out of his busy schedule to help a simple Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert achieve his dream of kicking someone in the face.

“Steven Seagal helped me perfect that kick. That was a kick we were working on before I stepped in,” Silva said through a translator at the post-fight press conference. “This was a kick that I trained a lot.”

Steven Seagal helped Anderson Silva with KO front kick [Yahoo!]

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