WikiLeaks Will Sell T-Shirts Online for Money


In the last few months we’ve seen Julian Assange — the pale, brooding, mysterious possible really bad date and WikiLeaks founder — become something of a brand of his own as he faces extradition to Sweden over potential rape charges. There’s the Julian Assange condom, the Julian Assange book deal, the Julian Assange movie, and “just Julian” Assange, the subject of numerous Tumblrs and at least one very endearing Newsweek photo shoot. WikiLeaks, too, is joining the game, launching an online shop to sell WikiLeaks-branded merch and make some apparently needed cash.

Think Assange as Che, witty tee slogans like “I leak this,” and “I’m leakin’ it,” and hopefully much, much more — maybe even a tote bag! Shirts, which go for around $20, are sure to be a staple among the nerd-spy elite — and, as MSNBC points out, you can even pay with credit card.

Our favorite is still the Julian Assange coloring book, though.

Desperate for funds, WikiLeaks starts selling shirts and coffee mugs [MSNBC]

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