Asteroid Heading for Earth Will Kill Us All!!!!…Or Not


The internet is buzzing over the recent Russian report that an asteroid is going to hit Earth in 2036 and kill you and your children. If you don’t have kids, this menacing rock from space will kill any children you are planning on having. The asteroid — named 99942 Apophis — is larger than two football fields. Football is a game that will never again be played after mighty 99942 Apophis hurdles into our precious planet, the only home you have ever known.

NASA, however, has pretty much dismissed this report. Yahoo! says the American, and therefore more free, space agency ran the numbers and found that the asteroid only has about a 1 in 250,000 chance of hitting us.

Don’t like those odds? NASA assures they “will construct machinery to change the asteroid’s orbit” if necessary.

We reported that NASA is having trouble meeting budget constraints for the construction of a new rocket, but it’s assumed Congress will allocate the funds needed to save the world.

That is, unless The Onion is to be believed.

All About Apophis [Yahoo!]

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