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Bristol Palin Memoir Is Allegedly Happening; Derrick Oaks Is Your New Subway Hero; 40 States Are Freezing


Bristol Palin, 20-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin and no longer teen mom (or Dancing With the Stars contender), has a memoir in the works. Of course she does! It’s apparently 304 pages and currently titled “Untitled Bristol Palin Memoir,” according to Amazon, where forums are busy discussing the book’s possibilities. It’s reportedly scheduled for a June release, though Amazon seems to have removed the book listing. Curious. Meanwhile, Snooki is a New York Times best-seller. Really. [NYDN]

• All is not well and good and simple in the case of Carlina White, kidnapped 23 years ago from Harlem Hospital, who located her biological family and solved her kidnapping on her own. Joy White, Carlina’s biological mom, says she’s “disappointed” that her daughter is a stranger (and that her daughter has inquired about “financial issues,” like whatever happened to the settlement from the hospital). Families! [NBC NY]

• The Verizon iPhone, which does everything better, has gotten a different antenna than the one associated with dropped calls in its AT&T iteration. [WSJ]

• Sabrina Scott, the woman attacked in the East Broadway subway station who was rescued by a man who then quickly disappeared, has been reunited with him — his name is Derrick Oaks, and he is your latest huggable subway hero. The man who attacked Scott is still being sought. [The Lo-Down]

• Weather, weather, weather! “More than 150 million people across 40 states will endure below-average temperatures this week,” says USA Today. Though it’s a mild 40 degrees right now in New York City, it’s going to get down to 14 degrees tonight. The groundhog is laughing his ass off. [NPR, Weather]

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