Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale: Is That a Good Title For Her?


The linked piece wonders if Femme Fatale is an apt name for a Britney Spears album, seeing as that’s precisely the one they’ve slapped on her upcoming assortment of suggestive pop songs.

Naturally, I’m one of the experts quoted in the item, and I’m rather proud of one of my quotes:

“I like the title, though I doubt Britney even knows what it means,” Musto laughed.

“I don’t picture her walking around saying phrases like ‘femme fatale’ any more than she orders a crème de menthe at Chuck E Cheese.”

Aw, come on. Don’t hold it against me!

PS: Femme Fatale comes out on March 15–the same day as Spider-Man officially opens! By any name, this is boiling down to the boobs versus the legs!