Medical Marijuana News: Substituting Barbecue Sauce for Bong


Despite the fact that medical marijuana has yet to hit the Empire State, Fork in the Road has been keeping careful track of the myriad permutations that the drug has taken over the last few months.

We reported that the active component is available in California — in addition to buds, hash, etc. — as lollipops and raspberry crumble. We watched in awe as marijuana-laced sodas appeared in California and Colorado. Now, even stranger vehicles are being created for your assistance in spacing-out.

The most recent is a barbecue sauce laced with THC, according to Thought Catalog. How weird is that? The sauce is the brainchild of Cleveland-based ‘cue café Hot Sauce Williams, which intends to build a branch in Colorado for the express purpose of peddling their new sauce — but only to licensed users, of course.

The sauce will be known as “Pot Sauce Williams,” a joke that may wear thin pretty fast. The sauce will be produced (or perhaps “doctored” is a better term) by OrganaLabs, and the hook is supposed to be that people are tired of having to consume medical marijuana in sweet form in candies and pastries. Barbecue sauce isn’t sweet? Of course it is, and it also occurs to us that accurate dosing may be a problem, as you pour the entire bottle over your ribs.

Don’t know much about Hot Sauce Williams, except their ‘cue looks, from pictures we could find, to be of the gooey and too-sweet variety, wherein the ribs and whatnot arrive already heavily sauced. Note that the best ‘cue in the country usually arrives with no sauce.

Still, if someone will fund it, we’d be glad to sojourn to Colorado when the time comes and give Pot Sauce Williams poured over Hot Sauce Williams a taste.

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