NASA Is Breaking The Law By Not Building a Rocket


NASA has been allocated $8 billion to revamp its obsolete shuttle program’s rocket, and it has till 2016 to do so. CNN reports (with the hilarious headline, “NASA says its pockets not deep enough for new rocket.” Pocket rocket? That’s a boner!) that NASA officials think the budget isn’t enough to design and construct a rocket powerful enough to be effective. That ain’t good enough, says Congress.

If there’s one thing Congress — who took 90 days of vacation last year — knows, it’s loafing.

Congress has already responded that unless NASA can prove there’s not enough money, the rocket must — by law — be built.

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida, a key space agency supporter, was adamant when he spoke to CNN: “NASA must stop making excuses and follow this law.”

You got that, NASA? Do you know what they do in jail to aerospace engineers who can’t design heavy-lift rockets within budget? It’s not pretty, so get to work.

NASA says its pockets not deep enough for new rocket [CNN]

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