Robert Parker Getting Out of Wine Reviewing; USDA Guidelines Say Some Booze is OK


Robert Parker is quitting the wine-reviewing game, passing most of his responsibilities on to his colleague, Antonio Galloni.
[SF Chronicle]

Joe Santos and Brad Estabrooke both make a Brooklyn gin (the latter is actually Breuckelen gin) and are locked in a trademark battle over the name.
[NY Times]

Torrontés wines are the hottest thing to arrive in the U.S. from Argentina since Malbec made its splash here. [NY Times]

The Singapore Sling was not originally a cherry and pineapple sugar bomb. An early recipe calls for gin, cherry brandy, confectioners’ sugar, and the juice of half a lemon.
[Washington Post]

It turns out that you need not be embarrassed about enjoying sweet dessert wines, like late-harvest Rieslings, Marsalas, Madeiras, Moscatos, and Sauternes.
[Wall Street Journal]

Apparently, chefs aren’t the ones who have re-discovered the childhood delight of cereal milk. Bartenders are using it, too.
[Atlantic Food]

The latest USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans state that “[a]lcohol consumption may have beneficial effects when consumed in moderation.” Yay!
[Wall Street Journal]

Sherry is making a comeback, but it’s been unfamiliar to us for so long now that it really needs a thorough reintroduction.
[LA Times]

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