Spider-Man Gets Bug-Sprayed by the Times


Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark doesn’t officially open until March 15, but scads of critics have been sneaking in to review the megamusical because they feel it’s been postponed enough and besides, as The New York Times‘s Ben Brantley puts it, this thing is “beyond repair.”

This morning, Brantley weighed in with a giant can of journalistic Raid in the form of one of the biggest pans since Carrie the musical.

Writes Brantley, “The sheer ineptitude of the show…loses its shock value early on.”

He continues, “After 15 or 20 minutes, the central question you keep asking yourself is likely to change from ‘How can $65 million look so cheap?’ to ‘How long before I’m out of here?’ ”

His conclusion? Spider-Man is “not only the most expensive musical to ever hit Broadway. It may also rank among the worst.”

And today, director Julie Taymor is no doubt ecstatic, beaming, “First of all, he wrote may rank.’ That’s a mixed review.

“Secondly, he paid for his tickets! Woo hoo!”

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