Surgically Implanted Head Camera Hurt NYU Professor’s Head


NYU professor Wafaa Bilal has removed a camera he had surgically implanted into the back of his head as an art project. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that his body rejected part of the machinery that was planted between his skull and skin. He didn’t need to wait for his body to tell him it was a bad idea — we could have said so before he got the procedure done at a Los Angeles tattoo shop. (Really.)

The camera was set up to take pictures every minute and broadcast them to a website. Bilal has since replaced it with a different camera strapped to his neck, but that isn’t nearly as fun because it’s not causing blinding pain.

The real question is, what exactly would a camera implanted in the back of a Tisch professor’s head capture? We have some ideas:

  • Chalkboards
  • Tisch students smoking cigarettes and talking about how lame Wafaa Bilal is
  • Rival art professor with camera implanted in the front of his head
  • Hair

Health Problems Force Professor to Pull Camera From Back of Head [The Chronicle of Higher Education]

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