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Americans Would Like to Read Minds


Important findings about our great nation! If we could choose between a variety of superpowers, including invisibility, flying, teleporting, reading minds, or time travel, the majority of Americans would pick mind-reading. Oh, America. No, no, no. Here at Runnin’ Scared, that’s the least preferred option — the worst thing you can know is what someone is actually thinking! Interestingly, 3 percent of Americans were unsure about which power they’d like, which means they would never have superpowers in the first place. Only the decisive get superpowers.

This information was gathered via an actual Marist poll of some 1,000 people. The results are extremely interesting when broken down by all the variables — age, education, household income, and the like. For example, men actually preferred time travel while women stuck with mind-reading, which, come on, we can do anyway.

For the record, we would mostly like to teleport to the office. That would be convenient on wintry days. Also, flying would rock, and it would be cool if we were impervious to hangovers.

Time Travel, Mind Reading Top Superpower Wish List [Pat’s Papers]

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