Better Get Your LCD Soundsystem Tickets Today


As your favorite music-news outlet has probably already informed you, the indomitable LCD Soundsystem have announced their final show: April 2nd at Madison Square Garden, a venue unthinkable nearly a decade ago when the band started and more or less inevitable now. Yes, this show will probably sell out. Yes, it will probably be incredible.

Tickets are officially on sale Friday, but grabbing them today would be wise. You have two options, one active, one passive: Either schlep down to Mercury Lounge for a 10 a.m. presale for which there is probably already a considerable line, or avail yourself of the Pitchfork-assisted Ticketmaster presale, also happening at 10, for which the online password is “lastever.” Afterward, feel free to enter the debate about which song will close out their allegedly three-hour set: Our money is on “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” as the capper of a joyous occasion wherein New York won’t let us down, for once.

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