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Bloomberg to City: Drop Dead (Into Street Potholes)


Mayor Mike Bloomberg has decreed that New York City will continue to force pothole repairers to work fewer hours despite the immense number of potholes after the recent spate of snowstorms, the Daily News says.

Look, there will be potholes. And there will always be complaints that they aren’t being filled fast enough. But this move to save a measly $1 million? Bloomberg took heat for his response to the first big storm, And it shows in the polls — 70 percent disapproved of his handling of the December storm.

And he still won’t say where he was during that storm. (Probably his palace in Bermuda.) And that’s kicking up a storm. And he docked pay for city workers who stayed home during the January 27 storm, despite telling city workers to stay home that day.

But the 555 pothole repairers? We know where they are: Still under orders to take a day off every two weeks — without pay.

Despite the city’s claim that potholes are being repaired more efficiently, the Daily News notes that the response time to fix them has “nearly tripled” since 2007.

Lots of pissed-off people out there. A couple of them via the Daily News: A Brooklyn guy named Haniff Ali says the bad roads make the city increasingly feel “like a Third World country.” Judging by his name, he may very well know enough to make that comparison. And a 77-year-old guy in Throgs Neck says, “It was never this bad before.” Considering his age, he probably knows what he’s talking about, too.


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