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Halle Berry and the ‘One-Drop Rule’


Halle Berry’s interview with Ebony magazine is raising some eyebrows, as the actress, involved in a custody battle with her white ex-boyfriend over their two-year old daughter, cited the “one-drop” rule as to why the child is black.

The one drop rule is a Jim Crowe-era notion that a person is “black” if they have even a single drop of black blood.

Berry says “I believe in the one-drop theory” in the interview. But she Berry adds that her daughter will have to figure that out for herself someday, and decide how to view herself.

The interview comes out shortly after a New York Times story last month about more Americans viewing themselves not as black or white but as mixed race. The Times, citing evidence from the Pew Research Center, says one in seven marriages is now interracial, an all time high, and predicts the 2010 Census will show that trend is accelerating when data begins to be released in the coming months.

Given what we’ve already observed about reactions towards the browning of America, we can only imagine that Berry’s remarks will be the first of many charged comments from Americans of all colors.

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