J. Lo Is One Of the Most Irritating Hotel Guests on Earth


That’s according to the new book Concierge Confidential by Michael Fazio, who works in the biz.

Says the tome:

*Jennifer Lopez once kept a hotel massage therapist waiting for three hours while she had screaming arguments with her boyfriend at the time (Puffy).

“The poor masseuse had to stay there, hanging on, while J. Lo cried and screamed hysterically.”

It was even less musical than her last album.

And Jenny from the block’s not the only member of hotel hell.

*For his one-night stay, Prince had all the furniture taken out of his suite and replaced, down to the lighting, candles, and pillows. “But he wasn’t mean,” adds Fazio, generously.

*And Bee Gee Barry Gibb had his own decor demands, all related to making his hair zhushily perfect every time.

“The hotel staff got so sick of renting full-length mirrors for him that they just bought some and kept them in the back.”

And don’t even ask about the dehumidifiers!

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