Mark Bittman Pisses Off Pork Industry; Taco Bell Trying to Win Back Fans with Free Tacos


Chipotle has been surprised to be the target of an ongoing investigation into the hiring of undocumented workers in numerous states.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Mark Bittman points out that the new USDA guidelines are clear about what to eat — healthy foods — but not so much on what to avoid because it can harm American food companies and producers.
[NY Times]

Meanwhile, the pork industry is up in arms over Bittman’s call to outlaw concentrated animal feed operations and encourage “sustainable animal husbandry.”
[Food Safety News]

Taco Bell is trying to recover from the fake beef scandal by giving away free tacos. The chain is offering Facebook fans a taco coupon for “liking” them.

At sports bars around the country, the quality of food is improving and dishes are becoming more inventive.
[NY Times]

Yogi Cameron is a former model turned ayurvedic guru with a new book out that outlines how to balance “hot” and “cold” foods.
[NY Times]

The “Eatcredibles,” made up of roughly 50 competitive eaters in Hong Kong, share tips and practice wolfing down meals together.
[Wall Street Journal]


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