Marlow & Sons to Expand ‘Farm-to-Table-to-Closet’ Line with Rabbit-Fur Hats


Bunny lovers who objected to last year’s rabbit-eating craze might find this hard to swallow. According to the Post, Marlow & Sons, which sells leather handbags, wallets, and belts made from the skins of animals served at the restaurant, has plans to expand its fashion line to include lambswool sweaters and — gasp! — rabbit-fur hats.

Designer Kate Huling told the Post to expect the new additions to the collection next fall. In the meantime, the bags continue to be hard to get. At $300 to $400, only 10 or 20 of them make it to the restaurant’s shelves every couple of weeks. As for the hats, no word yet on how much they will cost, but they’re sure to be an even rarer breed of accessory to hunt down.

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