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Tom Blunt and David Archer are hosting the variety show Frenemies and Nemesisters, which is odd because the rumor is that the two are “barely on speaking terms.” Part of the “Meet the Lady” monthly series that explores the secret lives of famous personalities, the evening features film clips, live performances, and expert commentary to uncover the ugly truth behind the most tumultuous friendships and famous feuds (Aniston and Jolie have to be on the list). Perhaps special guests Ami Vice (former 2004 Miss America contestant), Rich Juzwiak (of VH1), Bonnie Downing (author of Peculiar Beauty), and Karen Abbott (author of the Gypsy Rose Lee biography American Rose) will help Blunt and Archer make amends by the end of the night.

Fri., Feb. 18, 8 p.m., 2011

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