Michelle Obama in NYC; Barack Obama Kicked His Smoking Habit; Facebook to Open Hong Kong Office


• Michelle Obama is in New York today to mark the first anniversary of Let’s Move!, her campaign against childhood obesity — and, of course, to hit the morning shows, where she said she’d do whatever was asked of her to help President Obama win reelection in 2012. This also means: Gridlock alert! [Shallow Nation, The Hill]

• About that Obama family…yesterday Michelle confirmed that Barack had stopped smoking and that it’s been almost a year since he enjoyed a ciggie. He did it without her nagging, apparently: “I haven’t poked and prodded. When somebody is doing the right thing, you don’t mess with them,” she said. Also! He doesn’t die his hair. We’re glad we know. [WP]

• Facebook continues its bid for global domination with a new Hong Kong office. The social networking site is currently banned in mainland China but available in Hong Kong and Taiwan. [Mashable]

• Remember the goose gassings of last summer? Turns out that 1,676 geese were “culled” (a/k/a, killed) by the U.S. Department of Agriculture from around New York City airports last year. They died so we could fly. RIP, geese. [NYT City Room]

• After voting to close 22 public schools, the Department of Education has announced that they will open 12 new city high schools in September. [NY1]

• The city continues to crack down on unlicensed Meatpacking District limos! Whatever will club-goers do? [NYP]

• There is another crazy storm a’brewing, this time aiming for the Southeast. Meanwhile, in New York, it’s frigid, with a small chance of precipitation. Portions of the East Coast will get more of that “wintry mix” we like so much on Thursday. [CNN, Weather]

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