Sami Dosa Cart’s Mysore Masala Dosa


The dish pictured above is one of very few good reasons we can think of to go outside in February.

It’s a mysore masala dosa from Sami Dosa Cart, a newish cart we’d been hearing about since last September. Sami can usually be found at the southwest corner of Broadway and West 39th Street, staffed by its eponymous owner. Sami himself is a friendly, garrulous guy who spent 14 years cooking at a restaurant in Queens before opening his cart, which he parked up at Columbia prior to heading south to Midtown.

Everything that Sami serves — including kati rolls, samosas, and vegetably biryani — is vegetarian. We were hoping to try his onion chili uthappam, but they weren’t available, so instead opted for the mysore masala dosa.

And we weren’t disappointed: The crepe itself was light, crackly, and smeared with chili paste, while its potato filling was well-seasoned and, most importantly, steaming hot. But as wonderful as the dosa was, its greatest virtue was as a delivery vehicle for the superb sambar (vegetable soup) and coconut chutney that accompanied it. The former was savory and comforting, while the latter was simultaneously sweet, cooling, and hot as hell. We ordered extra, and ate it with a spoon once the dosa was dispatched.

At $5, the dosa is one of the better lunch deals to be found in Midtown or anywhere else, making it as advantageous for the wallet as it is for the digestive tract. As a bonus, you can call Sami at the number below to order in advance, minimizing your exposure to the elements.

Sami Dosa Cart
Broadway and West 39th Street

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