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The City May Make $500K By Fining You Because You Couldn’t Move Your Car


Alternate-side parking rules are finally back after several weeks of a mayoral pardon due to Blizzard-pocalypse 2011. And now the city is on the warpath, having issued 9,910 summonses on Monday alone, reports the New York Times City Room blog. That’s twice the average per day, and the blog points out that the city could make up to $500,000, or even more, based on an average fine of $55 per violation. Well, that would help chip away at the enormous ($38 million-plus) cost of cleanup.

Cleanup, now, that would be nice. Then we could actually move our cars! Or, as the Times puts it, “In interviews, many complained that they had been cut no slack, despite their vehicles’ being rendered immovable.”

Ah, by spring this will all be a memory, folks. Except for the dog poop everywhere. City, can we crack down on that?

A Parking Ticket Windfall as Parking Rules Resume [NYT]

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