Your Weekend In Nightlife, Starring Stretch And Bobbito, DJ/Rupture, And Azari & III


Your week starts with a little dancing, courtesy of a dancing DJ. We’ve sung Willy Joy‘s praises as Kid Sister’s DJ more than once, but tonight it’s all about him. Chicago’s juke-loving, bass-fiending dance DJ celebrates the release of his Woman Like Me EP on Plant Music with a set at Ella Wednesdays. The evening’s festivities are free, so we recommend you stop by no matter how tired you may be. Willy Joy will make your week just a little bit happier. Promise.

Thursday is a big night for those of you ready to get an early start to your weekend. Hip-hop aficionados take the win here. Tonight, New York legends Stretch and Bobbito continue to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their wildly influential WKCR radio show with a live reunion at Le Poisson Rouge. (Read up on that here.) Lord Sear hosts the thing, though we expect to see basically every hip-hop DJ (and a few MCs too) that ever rubbed elbows with the duo to show up. Expect the classics tonight. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. If you’re looking for hip-hop but with some funk, r&b, soul, and disco in the mix, try the Village’s 49 Grove instead for the newly launched 101 monthly. The theme includes some corny bit about “educating your dance floor,” though we’re more than willing to take lessons from tonight’s DJs, Eli Escobar and resident Scott Melker. Appearances by the 101 crew of NSR, DJ Ian Boyd, and DJ Friendly Greg and an open bar at 10 p.m. (courtesy of yours truly) make this the perfect spot to kick off your evening adventures. Free all night.

If dance music is what you’re after, try the basement of the Lower East Side’s Gallery Bar. Hardy Boyz Blu Jemz and Lloydski hold down a free night of house, disco, ’80s, No Wave, and god knows what else (it tends to be a grab bag of the best kind when these two get together). Stones’ Throw’s newest ’80s-adoring, punk-loving songstress, Anika, is the night’s special guest, though she’s strictly DJing tonight. (Hopefully her track selection is similar to her influences.)

On to the weekend! On Friday, head to Williamsburg for a night of bar-hopping. The Dutty Artz collective keeps you warm at the Cove during the return of New York Tropical with the crew’s own DJ/Rupture, Matt Shadetek, Chief Boima, and Geko Jones. The name says it all. These guys make dancehall queens out of the shyest of your friends with a mix of reggae, cumbia, African tunes, tropical bass, and other global dance music. Rupture is the highlight for us here, but we’re anxiously waiting to see what Boima has in store for us too (we’re still mad we missed his Made in Africa party a few weeks back). Free all night. Or stop by Glasslands for an electro-pop dance extravaganza manned by Javelin and Highlife, plus a DJ set by Stones Throw’s Anika. Tickets are $10 online. If you need a night off from downtown Bedford Avenue, head a little deeper into Williamsburg for a throwdown in the back room of low-key speakeasy Tandem. Tonight will be anything but calm, though, as Brenmar headlines a night of bass, hip-hop, house, and juke (he’s from Chicago, after all) alongside Tecla and Knifeshow.

As for Saturday, we’ll direct you to yet another edition of FIXED. JDH and Dave P have always brought acts that keep us interested, but this week’s fete at LPR with Azari & III rounds out a month of especially appealing guests. The Canadian duo are responsible for some of the best dance tracks of the past year. “Into The Night” is a big, synth-laden club tune, while “Reckless (For Your Love)” has a soulful house groove that appeals to both the older generation of Chicago house lovers and younger club-goers. You’ll hear that same inclusiveness in their live sets. For a heavy dose of disco added to the mix, try tonight’s edition of Let’s Play House. The wandering dance fete has moved to yet another location — you’ll have to RSVP to get the address — and features DFA’s Jaques Renault, another reappearance by D.C. disco duo Beautiful Swimmers, and Berlin’s Hunee. You can look forward to classic house and disco edits from this lineup, but also expect Balearic grooves, boogie, soul, and jams that will momentarily help you forget that it’s February and you’re in a warehouse in New York.

And, if you’re looking for a night of dubstep that even your anti-wobble significant other will enjoy, head to Public Assembly for the first stop on Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix‘s Luvstep tour. The show comes two days before the release of their second-annual Luvstep mixtape, which is pretty much what you think it is: The duo compiles the smoothest, sultriest dubstep remixes and bass-thwarting bangers into one heart-weakening mix aimed at converting even the staunchest of the genre’s haters. (We’ll assure you in advance that they succeed at doing so.) Tonight’s live performance also features their Mad Decent cohort Dillon Francis. Tickets are $5 in advance, $8 at the door.

We’re going to go ahead and skip Valentine’s Day. (Cook your best friend dinner or, even better, buy a bottle of wine and watch rom-coms on TBS.) Your school-night dancing resumes on Tuesday, when you should head straight to Santos. While every music critic we know will likely be at the sold-out Odd Future show upstairs, we’re heading to the basement for something a whole hell of a lot more pleasant. The trio Win Win (Fully Fitted/Spank Rock collaborators XXXchange and Chris Devlin, along with their video guru Ghostdad) celebrate the release of their first record. The party features collaborators and live performances by Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos, and “special guests” (we’ll assume this means Spank Rock). The event is free all night.

In Brooklyn, the Trouble & Bass gang return with yet another night of rockabilly, doo-wop, and Motown. The Post Valentine’s Day Heartbreak Hop goes down at Williamsburg’s Commodore for free, and if it’s anything like their last edition, well, prepare to dance.

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