Chris Lee Could Be Replaced By Carl Paladino


Christopher Lee, the New York representative who resigned yesterday amid a scandal over shirtless pictures, will be replaced between 30 and 45 days after Governor Andrew Cuomo calls for a special election. Rumors have already started as to who might run for the spot, including one that New Yorkers might remember. Lee just happened to represent the 26th district, where Tea Party choice Carl Paladino, the losing candidate for governor of New York, happened to get 61 percent of the vote. For those who don’t remember, Paladino is something of a handful.

The National Journal reports:

One Republican name that immediately surfaced as a potential candidate was Carl Paladino, last year’s surprise, tea party-backed nominee for governor. The often-controversial Paladino lives near the district, and got 61 percent of the vote in the district. A source close to Paladino told National Journal that the wealthy businessman is being “heavily lobbied” to run. Under state law, members do not have to live in the district in order to run.

But is Paladino really the best person to fill a district upset by scandal? His track record looks something like this:

But he never sent a shirtless picture to a woman on Craigslist (that we know of)! Good luck, Mr. Paladino.

Rep. Chris Lee Resigns [National Journal via Daily Intel]

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