Chris Lee, Craigslist Congressman, Has Been Known to Party Hard


Christopher Lee resigned yesterday, less than four hours after Gawker published a story from a woman who claims Lee contacted her on Craigslist, claiming to be single, and proceeded to send her a (fairly impressive) shirtless picture. “I promise not to disappoint,” he told her sexily. Now, he’s out of a job after two years in the House of Representatives, hailing from this great state of New York. But rumors about Lee’s wild life have existed for some time now.

In July of 2010, Roll Call published an article titled “Boehner Troubled by Unseemly Behavior,” which was a follow-up to a Page Six item claiming, “Some Republican congressmen have been warned to keep their distance from the female lobbyists who prowl Capitol Hill.” One of these party monsters was Lee, according to Roll Call. Though the article is behind a paywall, the Observer has the following selection:

Several Republican lobbyists said the Terry incident is part of a larger concern involving a group of House Republicans and lobbyists, including Glenn LeMunyon of the LeMunyon Group, who regularly party with female lobbyists.

“On the Hill, there’s a lot of older men that just go home when they’re done with votes,” said the longtime Capitol Hill Club member who overheard Terry’s remark. “Then you have a smaller group that likes to knock back a few and have a good time.”

Among them are GOP Reps. Bill Shuster (Pa.), Sam Graves (Mo.), Chris Lee (N.Y.) and Duncan Hunter (Calif.), several sources have confirmed. None of the Members have been accused of any improprieties.

Bad behavior, ubiquitous as it is, thrives in powerful, elite groups where open secrets of “impropriety” are the norm and usually worth protecting: professional sports, Hollywood, investment banking. Unfortunately for Lee, these secrets sometimes fester, especially when you take pictures of yourself on a BlackBerry.


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