Comics Get Seriously Dramatic This Season


Hey, Broadway lovers, brace yourselves for the serious thesping gifts of:

Robin Williams in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Ben Stiller in The House of Blue Leaves

Chris Rock in The Motherf**ker With The Hat

Dane Cook in Fat Pig

And Jim Gaffigan in That Championship Season.

There is more than enough here for a trend piece, if any serious reporter wants to bite the bait. (I only do comedy.)

When it rains it pours, and suddenly anyone who’s ever done a standup routine or a comedy sketch is desperate to show you that they have depth, pathos, gravitas, and ticket-selling abilities.

And I’ll totally be there. I’m one of those people who not only think comedy is very close to drama, but that it’s even harder to pull off.

So to these guys, drama will be a breeze! Except for one or two of them.

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