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Donald Trump Touts Own Awesomeness at CPAC; Will Decide on Presidential Run in June | Village Voice

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Donald Trump Touts Own Awesomeness at CPAC; Will Decide on Presidential Run in June


New York real estate mogul Donald Trump continues to maybe ready himself for a 2012 presidential run. Today he spoke at CPAC, saying that he’ll officially decide whether he will or he won’t “by June.” Never one to shy away from controversy (or self-publicity), Trump may be the perfect candidate to go up against current Republican favorite Ron Paul, so the Donald made sure to take specific aim at Paul in his short speech before walking off the stage to (what else but his theme song?) “For the Love of Money.”

His best quote, via Politico:

“I like Ron Paul. I think he is a good guy, but, honestly, he just has zero chance of getting elected. And I can tell you this: If I run, and if I win, this country will be respected again.”

Apparently the crowd booed Trump for saying this, which isn’t at all surprising, but Trump was not deflated and turned to his own awesomeness:

“Tactics and strategy are involved in any form of leadership,” Trump says, “I’m well acquainted with both. I’m also well-acquainted with winning, and that’s what this country needs right now: winning”

Trump also talked about China and OPEC in an attempt to flex his imaginary foreign policy muscles. Here’s what Trump had to say about that on the Jimmy Fallon Show last month:

People take advantage, like China, like OPEC. I mean we make nothing anymore, we make nothing in this country — China makes our products. We’re rebuilding China, Jimmy, we’re rebuilding China. When I build a building, half of the products I order have to come from China. Not that I want to do that. And you look at what OPEC is doing to the price of oil. Every time our economy gets a little bit better, now its up to 92 dollars a barrel. Get ready — because this is the same thing that happened last time. They really suck the blood out of you as a country. I hate to see what’s happening to this country. We’re no longer that great place that we were. We’re not respected, our leaders aren’t respected, and its something that bothers me very much.

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