Half of American Women Think They’re More Successful Than Their Men


There’s a new male-female survey out, and this time it’s in Women’s Health, which reveals in the March issue that almost half of American women think they’re “more successful” than the men they go out with or are married to. Women’s Health spins this as a positive — how great is it that women are so confident and happy and full of opportunities in their careers!? — and, yet, the question begged is: Why are we dating losers?

Of course, that might not be it at all. Maybe these women are dating men who aren’t the career-obsessed workaholic type, men who instead shower them with attention and affection and good times because they actually have time — and maybe that in part is why they’re so happy with their careers, and other stuff too. Confidence and pleasure in certain parts of life tend to extend toward others.

Lisa Bain, executive editor at Women’s Health, attributes the stats in part to the gradual evening of the wage gap (apparently, for women under 30 that gap is gone, and the ladies are actually making more than their male peers). Also, women are better educated, financially independent, etc. etc., nowadays. All good things.

But if anything, the oddest thing about this survey is the word “successful.” Sure, it can mean money, but it can also mean other things. And considering someone you’re dating or possibly married to less successful than you seems to indicate a certain kind of superiority that might not be so great in a relationship, or maybe that’s just us. More revealing, perhaps, are these additional survey results:

According to the poll, these women don’t think they’ve made it unless they’re making $100,000K or more. The majority of them think they’re more successful than their friends and their siblings. And half of them think wearing black helps them be more successful at work.

Okay, who are these women? Fess up. Also, how does this survey jibe with this one?

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