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Lindsay Lohan Is Being Treated Like a Common Criminal [VIDEO]


Lindsay Lohan appeared in court today and the New York Post called her “sexed-up.” Sexed up? She was just wearing a skintight $575 Kimberly Ovitz dress in virginal white, for Pete’s sake! This is a huge indicator of how her terrible day went. All Lindsay wanted to do was show up to court (without anything rude on her nails), plead not guilty, look fab, and have everybody love her! She did the first three but the public still isn’t back in love with LiLo. Instead they treated her like a plain old thief.

The judge, Keith Schwartz, is probably the number one person right now not willing to take back the Mean Girls star in his heart. Watch the video of the judicial scolding. Way harsh.

Here’s the juiciest bit that the judge told Lindsay:

“Everybody else has to follow the law…You’re no different than anyone else. So please, don’t push your luck.”

We’re on the side of TV-fame whore Dr Drew, who had some Twitter advice for those jerks who say bad things about Lindsay:

The judge is 100% wrong when he said that she’s “not different than anyone else.” She’s Lindsay Lohan.

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