Marcus Samuelsson Scores Yet Another Product Endorsement


Over the past year or so, Marcus Samuelsson has lent his fine name to many things: stainless-steel cookware, a fragrance, Kraft Foods, American Airlines, kitchen linens, MasterCard, gas ranges, Buick, a cruise line, television, and, oh right, the Red Rooster. And to this list, we can now add shoes.

Per Eater, the chef, along with Chris Cosentino and Aaron Sanchez, is now designing a “signature footwear collection” for MOZO, a company that manufacturers supremely ugly — but comfortable! — chef’s shoes.

Like most of Samuelsson’s other product endorsements, this one is relatively food-related, but it makes one wonder: Is there anything the chef won’t lend his telegenic face to? And have these shoes been waterproofed for shark-jumping purposes?


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