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Michael Alig Update! Major Happenings!


The club kid leader/killer is telling people he’ll get out this fall.

He’s been moved out of a maximum security place and into a less strict hangout way upstate, en route to freedom.

And having been through a decade and a half of incarceration, what awaits him on release?

Well, Alig says that when he gets out, he might want to open a restaurant and/or have an art show (he’s been painting a lot) and/or do a coffee table book of his art.

This September, New York’s cognoscenti might very well be begging for a table at Cafe Alig or lining up to buy an autographed copy of The Collected Works of Michael Alig. Could it really happen?

Funny, I assumed he’d immediately move to L.A. and do a reality show with the production company World of Wonder, but his relations with them are supposedly a little strained because he’s mad about one of their films about him, claiming it may have hurt his chances.

(Meaning what–it led to justice?)

Meanwhile, Michael just gave an interview to another production company for one more documentary film.

As for the other killer, Freeze, he got out last year!

To no hoopla!

He didn’t even do a coffee table book!

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