Mubarak to Step Down Amid Continued Protests and a New List of Demands in Egypt


On the seventeenth day of protests in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak may finally be stepping down, according to reports from Britain’s Channel 4 News. Mubarak is expected to transfer power to his newly appointed vice president, Omar Suleiman. Lindsey Hilsum, a Channel 4 reported, said on Twitter that Hossam Badrawy, Mubarak’s new secretary-general, “just told me he expects President Mubarak to pass his powers to his vice president tonight,” in a televised address. That’s number one on the list of the protesters’ demands, circulating today, but they want more.

Via Global Voices, here’s the list of demands from Tahrir Square:

1. The resignation of president Mohammed Hosni Mubarak
2. Cancelling the Emergency Law
3. Dismantling the state secret service
4. An announcement by (Vice-President) Omar Sulieman that he will not run in the next presidential elections
5. Dissolving the Parliament and Shura Council
6. Releasing all the prisoners since January 25
7. Ending the curfew so that life resumes as normal across the country
8. Dismantling the university guards system
9. Referring officials responsible for the use of violences against the peaceful protesters since January 25 and those responsible for the organised thuggery which followed January 28 to an investigation committee
10. Sacking Anas El Fiqi and stopping the attack on protesters in government owned media through threats and calling protesters traitors, and ending the spread of hate against foreigners in the streets
11. Reimbursing shop owners for their losses during the curfew
12. Announcing the demands above on government television and radio

A second list follows, for the transitional period after Mubarak leaves office:

1. Drafting a new constitution
2. The right to set up newspapers and open television and radio stations without a prior permission
3. Putting the minimum wage of 1,200 Egyptian Pounds into effect
4. The right to set up political parties, by notification
5. The right to set up associations and unions, by notification
6. Acheiving a real autonomy and independence for national newspapers and television and radio stations, through new legistlation and the reformation of companies, establishments of ministries
7. Cancelling the national service in the police force
8. Ending the security clampdown on telecommunications and the internet

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