Nikki Finke Photo From The Daily Looks Legit


Yesterday, we expounded on the saga of Nikki Finke, the uber-powerful Hollywood blogger behind, who refuses to be photographed and rarely leaves her house. She’s also known to throw around threats, like negative coverage or worse, a blackout, for studios and websites should they dare to cross her. Only two photographs of Finke are known to exist, one from the 1970s and one (to the right) way outdated. Still, Finke’s role in the world of Hollywood gossip is central — HBO is even making a show based on her. Today, after years of coming up empty for various gossip reporters, Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad newspaper, The Daily, has published a photo they claim to be Finke. See it below and decide for yourself.

UPDATE: Finke says it’s not her.

Reportedly the work of The Daily‘s Hunter Walker, but credited to “one intrepid photographer,” the paparazzi shot appears in Richard Johnson’s gossip section called Flash, and alleges to catch Finke (or her decoy?) leaving a Los Angeles apartment in a “peppermint green Toyota Yaris.” Though Gawker offered a $1,000 reward for a photo of Finke back in 2009, The Daily has “no intention” of collecting.

As for its validity, it does indeed look like Finke, but it also looks like every woman over the age of 40 who owns an apartment in Westwood. In an attempt to verify, The Daily was met with uncertainty:

Finke denies that she is the woman in the pictures, and claims she never left her apartment on the day the photo was taken.

Several associates who were shown this photo all had similar responses: “It looks like Nikki, but I haven’t seen her in so many years, I can’t be sure.”

Still, the article insists Finke is a public figure, both because of her hugely trafficked blog and because of the forthcoming HBO show. The iPad paper concludes by suggesting that the “drama over this photo might be the perfect plot for the show’s debut episode.” But that sounds kind of boring.

The Nikki enigma [The Daily]

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