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No More Diet Soda For Me! It’s Lethal!


I swear!

My cute shtick about drinking Diet Coke every day is no longer terribly amusing.

A new study says that people–and journalists–who do that have a 61% higher chance of a “vascular event.”

I simply adore events, mind you, and in fact I voraciously cover them for a living, but a vascular event sounds a little icky, the kind of thing I’d probably rather not be on the guest list for. (And there’s no gift bag!)

The reality is that guzzling this supposedly slimming beverage puts you at a way higher risk for strokes and heart attacks, and I’m at high risk enough!

Looks like the main way diet sodas make you thin is when you end up on a hospital bed.

They’re ‘death in a tin can’ even more than an airplane crash would be!

Back to orange juice, kids.

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