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Scumbag Steve Meme Man Is Actually A Sweetheart | Village Voice


Scumbag Steve Meme Man Is Actually A Sweetheart


Plato once asked, “Is it a meme because you declare it or do you declare it because it is a meme?” (Actually, maybe that was the Philosoraptor?) Well, Scumbag Steve, the brown-capped, thuggish meme originating from Reddit gave his first public interview about going viral to Know Your Meme (of course). The result is hilarious and may change the internet’s mind about good old Steve.

The meme features that gorgeous picture of Steve (real name: Blake Boston) with a large font overlay of some typical high school stoner behavior:

Mr. Boston says that the douchey pictures that made him internet famous were taken by his dear mom:

Those pics on Myspace are all from my mom. She thought she would do me a solid by makin’ that shit. She was taking a photography class five years ago and that’s what she did. She even made the Myspace page. She thought I was something, I guess. My friends and I didn’t really wanna tell her they weren’t cool, so we hyped them to her and she went crazy wit them. She has like over 300 [pics] on her computer. U have no idea how upset she was when I showed her what had become of her “photo project,” but we are laughin’ now that she knows how we felt, she’s a good woman.

That’s kind of earnest. We’re starting to like him! What else, Steve?

I don’t steal, never have. In fact, I hate thieves. Was I a douche bag? Yah, I guess.

We’re all about douchebags who embrace it! The rest of the internet seemed to be picking up on our feelings too, because by this morning the tides of Reddit were starting to change:

The best way to deal with becoming a meme is to embrace it and Blake Boston is doing a great job so far. Stay scummy, sir!


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