Times Interviews Voice Writer About “Shoot To Kill”


Last month, the Voice published a cover story about Zaire Paige, who played a murderer in the 2009 Don Cheadle film Brooklyn’s Finest and then, just a few months after filming his scenes in 2008, committed an actual murder in a Brooklyn hair salon.

Intrigued by the story and how it came about, the New York Times, in its Fort Greene blog, The Local, interviewed us about the Paige story.

In a Q&A with Times reporter Kyle McGovern, we chat about what it was like to report the story, including our jailhouse interviews with Paige.

After having some nasty words for his judge, Paige, now 24, was sentenced to 107 years in prison last month. He and his family insist that he is innocent. They are appealing his case.

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