Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Restaurants for a Breakup


Ah, Valentine’s Day, when our thoughts turn to chocolate, cheesy wine-bar promotions, and emotional ruin. The holiday is a fantastically profitable one for the restaurant industry, as most couples equate food with romance, or at least a prelude to getting laid. But what options are there for those whose intentions are more apocalyptic than amorous? Go out with a bang at Le Bernardin or Per Se? Cut your losses — and any chance of future reconciliation — at a Taco Bell? Or opt for the comforting, scream-diffusing din of a high-end food court? For those who want to air their personal problems in public, it’s a mind-boggling decision. So tomorrow we’ll try to help with a guide to the 10 best restaurants for a breakup. Think of it is an anti-marital aid, wrapped in a bow and sealed with a kiss, from us to you.

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