Fashion Week: Farah Angsana Designs for Drag Queens with Vaginas


I went to my first-ever Fashion Week show today, and it went above and beyond my wildest expectations. I’d assumed I’d be spotted as an imposter immediately: I don’t belong in the same space as women who wear six-inch heels just ’cause. But no one threw me or my flats out of my seat at the Farah Angsana show, even if I was paranoid they would until the lights went down. Instead, I had a nice second-row perch from which to discover that Angsana and I have something in common: we’re both drag queens at heart. Well, minus the heels.

The show started out with several vagina-length LBDs (no, not lesbian bed death, as I always thought that stood for, but little black dresses) encrusted liberally with crystals. The one that was a little longer than vagina-length dipped down to crack-depth in the back. (And then there was the the floor-length flowy turquoise gown that was just plain vagina-baring.) This designer wasn’t fooling around.

As the show progressed, the pieces got a little longer, but resembled more and more a collection out of Liza Minnelli’s armoire–including what looked to me like fully sequined pants. The only thing missing on these numbers was shoulder pads, which, personally, was a huge disappointment. (Not even on the beaded bolero?) But all was redeemed by the few wolfy looking dead animals thrown into the mix. I never accessorized a sparkly drag queen dress with silver fox furs before, but now I’m thinking, why the heck not?

Indeed, Angsana may have taken some cues from the pre-Arthur-era Minnelli. Backstage, the designer told us she was inspired by the ’70s for this collection. “Women these days have lost their femininity and I wanted to put glamour back into their lives,” she said.

Thus, the Bedazzler I’m sure this woman has stashed in a closet somewhere. And she apparently didn’t hesitate to whip it out for the grand finale, a white silk, crystal-encrusted see-through “gown” with feather and organza ruffles and a silver fox stole. Sheer fabulousness, literally.


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