Fat Pants Friday: Cake Shop’s Peanut Butter Bomb


This week, we turn our thoughts to excess. And veganism. Both are expressed rather gloriously in the peanut butter bomb, the aptly named rejoinder to both seasonal affective disorder and animal products.

It’s not so much a slice of cake as a fortress of calories, standing several inches high and endowed with a sizable arsenal of creamy peanut butter mousse and unspeakably moist chocolate cake. The top layer of mousse forms a dome not dissimilar to a camel’s hump, and is concealed by a layer of chocolate, which further lends itself to the camel-like appearance.

The $6 concoction is made by Vegan Treats, a pastry concern in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, that sells its products to businesses across town and up and down the East Coast. Amazingly, given the preponderance of vegan bakers who rely on vegetable shortening to give their desserts tender crumbs and creamy frosting, the company instead works its magic through tofu and other soy products.

It also doesn’t depend too heavily on sugar: As much of a balls-out dessert as the peanut butter bomb is, it will flatten you with flavor, not sugar. Possibly one of the most perfect displays of the holy union between peanut butter and chocolate, it’s a cake that will please even the most hardened dairy die-hard.

It’s also a savvy choice for Cake Shop (which sells a full line of vegan desserts), as it provides perfect fuel for dusk-till-dawn carousing. Unsurprisingly, the bomb also provides enough caloric heft to land heavily on the Burlap Sack end of the spectrum — along with further definitive evidence that when it comes to baked goods, vegans can be just as skillfully ruined as the rest of us.

Cake Shop
152 Ludlow Street


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