Google Will Own Your Wedding Now, Too


Weddings are a huge ($40 billion!) industry, so it makes sense that Google (also a huge industry) would want a hand in them. Enter Google for Weddings, Google’s new all-weddings-all-the-time one-stop Internet shop where users can create their own wedding websites, plan their weddings, create cards, edit photos, and do tons of other things related to getting married. Basically, the site gathers a bunch of resources together in one place, which is at least more convenient than Googling for each of them separately — and cheaper than paying someone to do it for you.

With this launch comes a wedding sweepstakes offering a $25,000 prize and the chance to have your wedding planned by a professional. Whee!

Now we just need a Google for Life site…or is that basically just Gmail? And, hey, whatever happened to Google Boutiques?

Google Wants to Plan Your Wedding [Mashable]

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