Queens Man Builds and Lives in Igloo, to Great Displeasure of Wife [Video]


A man in Jackson Heights, Queens, has taken advantage of the remaining snow on the ground to make himself a “fully functional” igloo, which he then decided to sleep in on Thursday’s 15 degree night. He could have just stayed at one of our apartments if he wanted no heat and exposure to the elements! In any case, Joe Gindoff seems very proud of his 2-ton, 10-foot-long creation, which features an ice fireplace. The Daily News investigated.

“Building an igloo was something I’ve wanted to do for many years,” he said. “But the snow became too hard to work with, so I wasn’t able to put on some little additions, like a chimney.”

“What’s really cool about this igloo is it’s not just a dugout snow cave,” he said. “It’s made out of blocks of solid snow.”

Gindoff even has a camping stove for cooking his favorite Thai soup, and says that people were invited over to partake of hot chocolate and check in on him. His wife, however, was not inclined to join, and said (we imagine frostily): “I really want a husband and not a corpse.” Killjoy.

Watch Gindoff talk igloo here:

Queens stalwart gets the best of snow by making an igloo and spending the night in it [NYDN]

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