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The Problem With Buying a $50,000 Watch For a Baby


It might get stolen! New York‘s Daily Intel has the story of real estate and modeling agency big shot Paolo Zampolli, whose family of three Patek Philippe and Rolex watches were stolen from his Gramercy Park apartment. One belonged to his 10 month old son — seriously, there’s a picture. (It was a Christmas gift.) But Zampolli had an idea: he’d plaster ads for the watches, complete with an offer for a $50,000 reward, on his Rolls Royce Phantom and just drive around New York City.

The watches total $140,000 in value. One was discovered at a store in the diamond district, while the two others are still out there, including the one belonging to the child. There’s a detective on the case.

Keep an eye out for the Rolls Royce, but if you’re up for the watch hunt anyway, the serial numbers are: Patek 554 24961 and 4511200 and Rolex MO54800.

Now be sure to click through to see the photo of Baby Giovanni with his timepiece.

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