The Rageful Tweets of A Nation of LCD Soundsystem Fans Defeated By Ticketmaster


It’s official: LCD Soundsystem will say farewell on April 2, 2011, at Madison Square Garden, to an audience comprised entirely of ticket scalpers and StubHub captcha bots. It was a grim scene this morning on Ticketmaster and Twitter, where LCD fans went first to one and then the other, crying out in pain at their lack of tickets. This show seems to have sold out in about 10 seconds flat; now all that’s left are the sad Tweets to remember it by. Well, that and a bunch of probably ill-advised Egypt jokes. The best of both, right here, starting with anguish, of course:

And then, inevitably, came the jokes:

And, just in case you weren’t sufficiently traumatized, let’s recap:

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